17 января 2019

3 Books about Lawyers

Getting a law degree is one of the most sought after dreams. A lot of students aspire to become lawyers because it is a respectable job that can open up the doors to a more interesting career path. Most students think of becoming lawyers as a first step before they can work in legislation or even in politics.

Best Lawyers Books

If you think about becoming a lawyer, then you need to do a lot of reading and studying. Apart from your course books, you can always read different books written by experts to help you understand the truth about the profession. Here are the best 3 books about the law that every student should read at least once:

1. The Rule of Law by Tom Bingham

This book is written by Lord Bingham, one of the most influential names in the world of English law. He has occupied several great positions including being a Senior Law Lord. He has also played an integral role in the legislation of several laws in the field of counterterrorism. The book discusses common law and puts a special emphasis on the way the English law evolved over the years. It is written in a compelling and reasonable way that makes it easy to understand.

2. Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century by Mitch Kowalski

This is a fiction book written by a Canadian author. Nevertheless, it is one of the best books that students and aspiring lawyers can read to learn more about the various challenges that they will most likely encounter. If you are currently stressed about finishing your legal assignments you can check this law essay help to submit excellent tasks, or you can read this book to see how the law can actually affect individuals and groups. It is about a law firm in the future and it focuses on how a real proactive firm should work.

3. Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas McBride

This is an interesting book that is suitable for those who are already studying law or those who know nothing about it. It is a comprehensive guide that every aspiring student should read before embarking on their journey. It is written in a simple way that helps students get ready for their first year of studies as it tackles the issues that are nowhere to be found in other textbooks. It is also written in a lively and entertaining style that will encourage students to read it till the end.

As a law student, you need to spend more time trying to increase your knowledge. You should be able to study the same issue while taking different points of view into consideration. These books might not be a part of your coursework but they will definitely help you a lot.

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